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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~ Gotama Buddha 

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  1. okeanoem
    old raver dropout vinyl
    the mold smiling in the dust
    rotting away is living;
    a good song

    none of it exists
    its all totally fake
    vibrations of psyches in deli’s
    the universe slipping through these visions

    mushroom teachers teaching
    eternity, the wanti sages
    its not like a uniform

    it was just metaphors for the uniform
    the psychedelic spirits, are the mythological shamans
    immortal bodhissatva spirits
    appearing eternally in the tao
    to heal and awaken consciousness forever
    through the entheogenic heart intelligence of forever
    in a non linear way we can never know
    yet we are all part of that river…

    manifesting far out to bring it together, in all languages
    jimi hendrix was someone like us, understanding
    this life, it has its time, and it fades away
    this is not the only existence
    they came crashing together there, this is not the patriarchy
    this is another dharma, they don’t understand it
    we are those same spirits, coming back again and again
    because life is good, and we are grateful for life and for the beats
    and those who want to die can die,
    we can’t look down on them for that, their spirit is somewhere else
    they return to the one, but we are all the mushrooms, it doesnt stop
    a vibration deep in the earth like that,
    connecting back to wanti, all the stories,

    they came from the same place, psychedelic music has no origin and no end
    raving inside of wierd acid freak outs, we come together through the
    musical notes
    of some bodhisattva shaman, somewhere in some room, who was able to hear it
    and suddenly it lives again, suddenly it comes back
    and the foundation of this very plane of existence is changed

    we don’t have to keep inventing the medicine wheel over and over again
    the way into the karmaless celestial rainbow wierdness is deep
    and marked by those who came before
    some of us have just never done that, but others have and our way
    blends in with the way of the square world enough
    because it is tao, but the square world it is too rigid, it never
    truly breaks down… it seems to always remain static
    perhaps thats a fact of life, but perhaps it only seems that way, and
    everyone truly finds their awakening
    in their own language their own method, and we just all can’t understand it
    they call it something else, to us its as comprehensible as we are to them
    funny that its actually the same thing, but itll never meet except in
    the egoless place

    i realized it was in this way, for whatever reason, that i was
    different from those who came before me in the linear way, that was
    the status quo world, and i had to leave it, it wasn’t real, it wasn’t
    my true people
    and the notes of the songs would then be coming to be
    our tribe had existed long before that, somehow i’de been captured but
    now i was free, it was fading away, the tribe of peace and love, who
    understood, both in technology and organic ways, because the
    technology and organic was within eachother, the more detail you saw
    the organic in, you realized it was the true spiritual technology, the
    technology of the ancients, seasoned and thus deep, it was like
    speaking to stonehenge.

    and they would appear, it was like gaining a new sense, seeing new
    colors, slowly breaking out of the shell, i knew then i was safe, and
    there were times where it was frightening but in the end it would be
    okay, but i would have to be myself too, throughout it, and do my
    best. be sincere authentic, real.

    these were real people, the real world, it was so comforting to see
    spirits, all kinds of spirits appearing in this magical way, in the
    world of fairies, and spirit, and magic, and us all together and
    speaking and having a true communion not being cut off from
    everything, dying.

    it was like emerging from the cave, this is such a deep moment. all
    the philosophers spoke of it, of finally finding this world, this
    world you always knew existed and them explaining how and why, as you
    were able to understand. it happened in all times, each time in a bit
    different way but basically it was the same. and we were part of
    something that really meant something, and it didn’t really have a
    name or a set language, it was just miraculous, it was like becoming
    one with the tree, becoming rooted in the universe itself, at the same
    time becoming like water. the dryad self awake.
    consciousness, really seeing, left glasses behind, but everything is
    so beautiful, so real. with wisdom the magic can return to everything,
    the materia, the realness, but it can’t be forced too fast, the
    psychedelic bands showed the way and they would rise again, they all
    floated now shamanically scattered like planets, like mushrooms upon
    meteors, there was something new too coming to this planet, green
    taoist beings, our connection point was tao, really it was closer than
    that which was supposedly physically close to us here.

    we had been noticing that things were fractally connected, there
    seemed to be strange portals, having to do with name vibration, and
    yet we could never be totally sucked into it, somehow though they said
    it was fate, it was never exactly like that, the oracles, all of it
    was wise enough, never to truly give it away, we all spontaneously
    knew, that was not possible, it must just be deep mystery, this is the
    greatest happiness as well.

    but now, we danced again, not knowingly, but intuitively, between the
    worlds. we walked the planes, in the faery way, and beautiful webs
    were spun and came back, we found our true sources. much of it was
    lost, but it rose again, all of it made a difference, our spirits
    remembered. things began to change, it wasn’t the same, it wasn’t
    things we had always known, it wasn’t any discernable pattern. though
    the myths had a truth to them, a universal pattern, there was like a
    deeper level of even that tree, that none of us had seen before, and
    this was the elder spirit returning, and gathering it, sharing with
    us, even deeper connections of universality that yielded
    individuality, not destroyed it. we did not have to fear that, it was
    not a discernable path, or pattern, yet it allowed everything to exist
    in it copacetically, so many dreams, the ness.

    this was different, these were new dreams, yet they were even older,
    but things we had no way to explain, would we try to translate them
    into the magic we knew, or would we just keep it to exist as it had
    always been? perhaps over time its inevitable that they mix together
    more, as they always do and recede, just as the tide rises and falls,
    but for now, they can just be what they are, we all must learn at our
    own rate.

    but there is a world even beyond the fairies, even beyond the glowing
    lights, and even beyond that, there is no end to it

    everything was a huge fractal, and i realized, i had been a part of it
    all, it learned from me, but i didn’t control it, it came through from
    many, in many places, shiva and danu, it was like a buddha existence,
    it was all heart mind, it was all wanti, it was all this magic, this
    magic which creates the experience, the soul experience of life.

    the aquarius, was the ink the writings the teachings which came
    through which were alive, the spirit of the words which helped us,
    which were not dead, not programming, but spirits which could be
    arranged to allow the lifestream to flow through and grow, it happened
    in so many places, not just this place, but in this meditation, we had
    all fades away to silence, now we were coming together again, it was a
    reunion, among the universe, the multiverse, the spirits kindred
    spirits aligning, thats what it was all an epic metaphor for. all of
    it was alive, the love, the love was so deep.

    we love the universe… everything so endless, so beautiful, so alive,

    and we lived through all times, we meditated ourselves there to help
    ourselves, and we were there, and this is the revolution, and it
    happens in all time and in no time, it can’t be tracked, Goddess
    travels incognito, we are all part of it, the wise one knows this and
    the wise one is all.

    there was no more division, symbols, the past, none of it had any
    effect, it was just what it was, there was no huge organization just
    simplicity, things were simply like rafts being used only for that one
    moment, but all in all we know just at the shore of every cognized
    moment was boundless endless evershifting chaos and love, and we
    played and danced with the way it interspersed in each cognition,
    creating what we percieved, and showed us that anything was possible,
    all the essence of all those spirits together, spirits of the
    beginning, spirits of it, in a selfless way, it is inside of us.
    and we must dance with it, because this is the way of wanti, we must
    be and be changing, and we must fall away making no sense, raving,
    digging the ecstasy, letting it grow the world, everything alive
    everything blossoming.
    such deep and sacred beings of eternity, so happy, this was it, this
    was the rave, it was always happening it was not technology it was
    vibrations of the universe, inherent in everything, spirit, spirits
    speaking, paganism, it was so beautiful, forever, and we met, and the
    ways of druids lived on. and we became part of it all, and helped
    eachother out, as a huge mandala huge peace, divine love. sulos.
    though of many kinds, it was amazing, trip through the timeless
    crystals, the psychedelic shaman village, that was all things,
    everything so awake so beautiful rituals of life, but they weren’t
    rituals. this is what it was truly about, the sickness was gone, but
    every element of life was there, it was whole. it was the way it must
    be, we were all in a circle but not in a circle, we all felt
    eachother, and we felt whole. and we dreamed and kept dreaming. words
    cannot explain, and don’t need to.

    I didn’t understand what it meant, but wasn’t supposed to it wasn’t
    about strategy, the greatest wisdom in hedonism, just let them fall as
    they will, totally naturally, do what you feel, and it will be, it
    will be what it will be and there will be mistakes, but it will all be
    alright, all the mistakes all of it is natural and later yields the
    greatest beauty we could never plan or do with intention, only with
    the earnest striving to be who we really are, and live within what
    really is…

    nom myoho renge ko.

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