Free Dharma!


You don’t have to contribute to the economy to get your Dharma on. Most religious texts of most religions are in the public domain because of how long ago they were written, this is true of the texts of Buddhism.

You can find free Buddhist ebooks at the following:

* Sacred
* Project Gutenberg

There are also other free books on Project Gutenberg for your reading pleasure.

For specific Sutras you can often just do a search for the name of the Sutra +free +ebook and find it.

About threethirty

threethirty is a gonzo technologist, oggcaster, hacker, Buddhist Anarchist, Kung-fu Student, and slacktavist based in the American Mid-West. Currently his projects include Marketing and Representing the Fedora Project [a distribution of the GNU and Linux Operating Systems], the Kernel Panic Oggcast [a fortnightly show on all things Linux, Free and/or Open Source Software, Technology, Law, News and any intersection thereof], The Anarcho-Buddhist Collective blog, Zen@330 a blog about my Zen practice, and building a consulting firm specializing in web/social media marketing, (GNU ) Linux destop support, video services, and training in various areas.

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