#OccupySamsara: Lessons from Preschool by margoshka


Hezhang! _/\_

Today we bring you a touching report of Compassion and Loving Kindness from Freedom Park in NYC by Margarita Manwelyan posted to the Interpendence Project website. Enjoy!

Saturday afternoon at Occupy Wall Street

It’s snowing and raining, hard, three days before Halloween. Thanks, Global Warming (causing extreme weather patterns).

My cousin and I are carrying bags with blankets and sleeping bags to Occupy Wall St. Making our way through the encampment we ask someone, “Which way to the Comfort station?”

“Donations?” he asks.


“Any gloves?”

“No, blankets.”

“Ok, cool. It’s right over there.”

I take a few steps in the direction he pointed. Then I turn around.

“Here, take my gloves. I can get more.”

“Really?” he beams.

“Sure,” I reply as I hand over the gloves, a little damp from the snow but definitely better than no gloves at all.

He’s tugging the gloves on. They were a little big on me and they are a bit tight on him.

“Thank you. This really helps. I’m out here on patrol.”

“No, man. Thank YOU!”

There is a brass band marching around and through Liberty Plaza. The small group of musicians make their way through the soaking wet tents as the snow gets whipped around. The wind picks up and so does the music.

We follow the band and stop by the Shrine Tree, lovingly covered with tarps to protect the many symbols of world religions left here. Michael is standing nearby. He’s smiling. Michael’s an occupier whom I recognize easily. I see him often taking care of the shrine. We stop to chat.

Olga in covering her camera with her scarf. She left her hat in the car. Michael comes closer so that she’s protected from the sleet under his large umbrella.

“Sharing,” he says.

“Sharing is caring.” I nod in agreement. Doesn’t everyone remember that old slogan from preschool?

All three of us are smiling despite the bitter cold. I’m shivering and so glad I came out to Liberty Plaza today.

“Sometimes this is what democracy looks like. A wet democracy.”

Olga and I wave and walk off, back to our car and then our warm dry apartment. The heroes stay at Liberty Plaza braving the elements to protest corruption, greed, and injustice.

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threethirty is a gonzo technologist, oggcaster, hacker, Buddhist Anarchist, Kung-fu Student, and slacktavist based in the American Mid-West. Currently his projects include Marketing and Representing the Fedora Project [a distribution of the GNU and Linux Operating Systems], the Kernel Panic Oggcast [a fortnightly show on all things Linux, Free and/or Open Source Software, Technology, Law, News and any intersection thereof], The Anarcho-Buddhist Collective blog, Zen@330 a blog about my Zen practice, and building a consulting firm specializing in web/social media marketing, (GNU ) Linux destop support, video services, and training in various areas.

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